Our Teams

East Coast Bays provide teams for players of all abilities and aspirations. Our teams and programmes align with New Zealand Football's National Curriculum and provide a clear pathway for players and coaches.  We deliver age specific football programmes for the following age groups:

Mini Bays (Grades 5-8)

Our Mini Bays programme covers the discovery phase of a players development and aligns with NZ Football's First Kicks (Grades 5-6) and Football Fun (Grades 7-8) age groups. Mini Bays is designed to introduce football in a fun environment so players fall in love with the game. Players will experience multiple contacts with the ball and learn general movement and co-ordination. Our Mini Bays teams are grouped under the following grades:

Mini Bays (Grades 5-8)

Mini Girls (Grades 5-8)

Junior (Grades 9 - 12)

Our junior teams and programmes cover the skill acquisition phase of a players development. Players will develop core skills into a more structured game and develop their understanding of the game and improving their football technique. Our junior teams are grouped under the following grades:

Junior Boys/ Mixed (Grades 9-12)

Junior Girls (Grades 9-13)

Youth (Grades 13-19)

Our youth teams and programmes cover the game training phase of a players development. Players will focus on learning to train and applying their skill-set in more tactical situations. They are also encouraged to solve problems as a team player. Our youth teams are grouped under the following grades:

Youth Boys/ Mixed (Grades 13 -19)

Youth Girls (Grades 14-19)

Youth Talent Development Propgramme (Grades 13-19)

Senior (Grades 20+)

Our senior teams are grouped under the following grades:

- NRFL Men's First Team

- Women's First Team

- Future Bays (U23s)

- Senior teams

New Zealand Football's Player Development Framework

To develop players to their full potential, New Zealand Football believe in a logical and progressive approach. New Zealand Football have identified 4 Phases of Player Development, providing key information on player characteristics at each stage aligned to appropriate playing structures and guidance of not only “what” to coach but also “how” to coach it. Each phase provides players with access to appropriate provision for their development stage and ambition, resulting in more players in the game, and better players in the game.

Our teams and programmes follow this framework to provide a clear pathway and to develop our players and coaches in a staged approach. More information can be found here

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