Youth Skill Hubs (Grades 13-17)

The East Coast Bays Youth Skill Hub continues through Term 4.  The Youth Skill Hubs are designed to deliver high-quality, fun group training with licensed coaches to youth players who aren’t part of the East Coast Bays Talent Development Program. It’s also a great way for new youth players to get introduced to football at East Coast Bays. During 2023, the Youth Skill Hub will be an additional available training session for non-TDP players outside of their own team training. Each session will follow a similar philosophy to our Talent Development Program, focusing on developing skill and teamwork in injury prevention/movement games, positioning games, ‘outplay’ games, and competitive games.

Term 4 Schedule:
9 week programme - $90.00
Monday Nights starting 09th October
5.30-6.30pm at Bay City Park
Andersons Rd, Oteha

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