East Coast Bays provides access across the club to specific small group and general programme goalkeeping sessions

The following GK coaching sessions are available to youth players who are part of our Talent Development Programmes (TDP):

Term 2  2024

Girls Talent Development Programme  

Girls born 2008-2011                           

Tuesday 5.30pm-6.15pm Ashley Reserve

Girls Talent Development Programme

Girls born 2008-2009     

Thursday 6.30pm-7.15pm Ashley Reserve      

Boys Talent Development Pogramme  

Boys born 2007-2011                            

Wednesday 5.30pm–6.15pm Bay City Park

Thursday 5.15pm-6.00pm Bay City Park        

Boys Talent Development Programme  

Boys born 2007

Tuesday 6.15pm-7pm        Bay City Park



Aged 13-17+ and not part of our TDP programmes? Please use the link below to register interest in Goalkeeper coaching for the 2024 season, Goalkeeper coaching EOIhttps://forms.microsoft.com/r/qqb0cEwAHr

For juniors aged 9-12, we run generalised goalkeeping stations at our ever-popular Junior Skill Hubs  Link: https://ecbafc.nz/junior-skill-hubs-grades-9-12

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