Girls Talent Development

East Coast Bays AFC and Hibiscus Coast AFC have come together to deliver a Girls Talent Development Programme, providing a pathway for local youth players into a high-quality training process and access to the highest levels of competition and challenge in a year-round calendar of activity. 

The Talent Development Programme (TDP) is aimed at girls aged 14 to 16 years,  2024 is serving as our accreditation year and will allow ECB and HBC the opportunity to complete the accreditation pathway, gaining access to the NRFL Youth Girls leagues in 2025.  

Why Do This?

ECB x HBC are prividing:

  • Experienced and aspirational qualified coaches​
  • Ashley Reserve as a high-quality training facility​
  • Access to year-round training ​
  • Year-round access to games, tournaments and a friendly environments
  • Exit pathway to senior football ​

TDP Youth Girls Training Schedule - 2024

Term 1 - CLOSED  

While our TDP program specifically targets girls born between 2008 - 2010, we also extend a warm welcome to younger girls born in 2011 to attend our open / selection sessions.

Open Training Starts - Tuesday, 13th February                                 

2 x contacts / week - Tuesday's & Thursday's @ Ashley Reserve #1 (5.00pm - 6.15pm)

Cost: $135

  • All girls (born 2008 - 2011) are welcome to attend open training / selection sessions
  • Team selection will take place late February / early March
  • Term 1 fees due AFTER selection into the program is successful 
  •  Existing club members, registration is through My Friendly Manager as a 'current  member' , non-club members, register as 'new to ECB'                                                                                       

Term 2 - Training Schedule

2 x contacts / week - Tuesday's & Thursday's @ Ashley Reserve #1 (5.00pm - 6.15pm)

April Sat - 27 Apr NRF League Starts  
Tue - 30 Apr TDP Term 2 STARTS  
May    NRF League continues  
Sun - 12 May NRF Youth Prem Games  
  HBC-Bays U14 vs Auckland United  Stanmore Bay
  HBC-Bays U16 vs Auckland United
Thur - 16 May NRF Youth Prem Games  
  HBC-Bays U14 vs Northern Rovers Becroft Park
  *HBC-Bays U16 vs Northern Rovers*(TBC, NR unavailable)
June   NRF League continues   
TBA (between 20 - 23 June) NRF Youth Prem Games  
  HBC-Bays U14 vs Eastern Suburbs TBA
  HBC-Bays U16 vs Eastern Suburbs
Sun - 2 June (Kings Birthday) Papamoa Tournament - *To be confirmed* King's Birthday Junior Tournament 2024 (
(HBC-Bays U14 - 9-a-side)
July    NRF League continues  
Thur - 4 Jul TDP Term 2 ENDS  
6  - 21 Jul School Holidays  
TBA (between 18 - 21 Jul) NRF Youth Prem Games  
  HBC-Bays U14 vs Northern Rovers TBA
  HBC-Bays U16 vs Northern Rovers
Tue - 23 Jul TDP Term 3 STARTS  
Aug   NRF League ends  
TBA (between 1- 11 Aug) NRF Youth Prem Games  
  HBC-Bays U14 vs Fencibles / Western Springs TBA
  HBC-Bays U16 vs Fencibles / Western Springs
Sept - Oct Thur, 26 Sept TDP Term 3 - ENDS  
28 Sept - 13 Oct School Holidays  
TBA NRF CUP * competition details to be confirmed*  
TBA (between 26 - 29 Sept) Melville U16 Tournament - HBC-Bays U16  
11 - 13 October  McCartney Tournament - HBC-Bays U14
5 - 7 Oct Weir Rose Bowl Tournament - HBC-Bays U14 Weir Rose Bowl Tournament
26 - 28 Oct Napier U19 National Tournament - HBC-Bays U16    Napier City Rovers - Nat 19 Tournament
(only players 15 - 19 years)
15-Oct TDP Term 4 - STARTS  
Nov - Dec TBA TDP Term ENDS  
TBA 2025 TDP Trials   
5 - 8 Dec U17 Tournament - *pending entry*   U17 Tournament (
(players born 1 Jan 2007 - 31 Dec 2010)
20 Dec - Jan 2025 School Holidays  


Term 1 - $135 - 2 x contacts / week and games ((billed at a reduced rate due to the inclusion of a trial period)

Winter Season Registration (Mandatory) - $255   please refer to FAQ below for breakdown of season fees                                                                                                                

Term 2 - $240 - 2 x contacts / week and games 

Term 3 - $240 - 2 x contacts / week and games 

Term 4 -            (cost to be confirmed at a later date) 

Programme Milestones

  • 38 weeks of activity available 
  • 24 weeks – 2 x training + 1 x game 
  • 10 weeks – 1 x training 
  • 4 weeks – 2 x training 

Programme Leads

Our coaches boast considerable expertise and credentials, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide exceptional mentorship and training. They are dedicated to nurturing the development of crucial skills and mental resilience

GTDP Programme Manager: Maurie Wasi 

GTDP Programme Coach Educator: Milan Elie 

GU14's Lead Coach: Maurie Wasi 

GU16's Lead Coach: Grant Stott 

The programme leaders will be supported by injury prevention, goalkeeping, and assistant coaches.  

 Frequently Asked Questions

- What are the associated costs should my child make the team?                                                                                                                                                                                 TDP fees will be charged per term, these fees cover coaching costs, support services and  education workshops. Term fees DO NOT cover traditional winter registration fees.

- Will term fees remain consistent throughout the year?                                                                                                                                                                                                     Term fees will vary due to number of contacts but will scale with coaching qualification level / competition entry, preliminary costs have been established in the interim.

- My child has made the team, what happens with club registrations?                                                                                                                                                                          Your child will register with the club they would otherwise play for (ECB AFC or HBC AFC)                                                                                                                                            Before the season commences, ALL ECB registered players will be moved to HBC to minimize disruption. Once the season ends, ECB players will be redirected back to their home club.                   

- What do Winter Season fees cover?                                                                                                                                                                                                                Administration fees are collected by your home club to help cover the total costs of operating as a club.              

- Why is team consistency not maintained?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Player movement will have less impact as the programme matures and all players are working on similar concepts / behaviours. As the season progresses, some players will experience movement up and down levels to enhance their development and bolster the growth of the female program. 

- Is there any certainty that we will be able to compete in the TDP/Lotto division next year?                                                                                                                                     The NRFL TDP Girls league for 2025 relies on accreditation approval this year, we're optimistic about meeting requirements. 

- What options are there for this year’s competition?                                                                                                                                                                                                     NRF are running grading rounds to determine the league make up. Assuming results are all positive, the teams will be in the next best league after NRFL TDP Girls. We will enter the girls in the best available competitions across the year, including tournaments etc. (Please refer to the provided schedule)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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