Thank you Wendy - our newest club life member

13 Mar

A thunderous applause for the newest addition to our exclusive Life Member club – Wendy Skeath!

In the grand tapestry of our East Coast Bays AFC whānau, Wendy (pictured here with Club President Roger Bridge) has woven her legacy since 1977, contributing nearly 50 years of unwavering passion and dedication. Today, we honour her as the well-deserved recipient of our 40th Life Member Award.

Wendy's impact on our club is immeasurable – a maestro with a needle and thread, guardian of spotless playing kits, orchestrator of the gear room symphony, and a force to be reckoned with during working bees. Her tireless efforts extend from the kitchen to the bar, from organising functions to crafting feasts fit for champions (our Men’s First Team). And let's not forget the legendary 'Wendy's pulled pork,' a taste sensation that has become a cherished hallmark at club events.

What makes Wendy's contributions truly extraordinary? She does it all as a dedicated volunteer. As ECB AFC Club President Roger Bridge says, "Our club volunteers are the heartbeat, and Wendy embodies the kind of people that makes our club truly special. This prestigious award is a testament to her outstanding commitment and generosity."

Wendy has been a support pillar for our Board too, on which her husband Mark is a current Board member – and a past Life Member Award recipient too.

In celebrating Wendy, we celebrate the very essence of our club community – where passion, dedication, and selflessness create a winning team both on and off the field. Congratulations, Wendy, and thank you for all you do for our club!

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