East Coast Bays Club Update | Farewell to Milan

30 Jan
Today we want to let you know that we will be saying ‘farewell’ to our Football Development Officer Milan Elie. Milan has accepted a role as the Federation Development Officer leading Coach Education and Talent at Capital Football in Wellington, which is a great opportunity for him. While we are disappointed to be losing him, we are pleased to see Milan’s work opening further opportunities for him, and we wish him all the very best in his new role. As we farewell Milan, we’d like to share a message from Milan to the club, as well as some statements thanking Milan for his time at East Coast Bays. "It's been a thoroughly enjoyable two years working as part of the East Coast Bays family. I've been really lucky over this time to work with so many awesome people, and I want to start with a massive thank you to all of the board members, parent coaches and managers, players, volunteers, and lastly to Joe and Duane who have been a pleasure to work with. Bays has taken massive strides forward in all areas over my time here, and seeing how the approach has developed to support players at all levels of the game is a real testament to all of the fantastic work that is being done by everyone involved at the club. The hard work has culminated with the amazing opportunity to host the current Women's World Champions for the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, which I believe will really push the club forward even further and I can't wait to see what future opportunities will come for the Bays community as a result of this! The area of the club that I've been personally involved in the most across my time is the Talent Development Programme. Seeing the connection that has developed across the programme and helping the players progress through their football journeys has been rewarding and enjoyable to say the least. I'll really miss working with such a wonderful group of players and parents! I'm certain that a fantastic 2023 is in store for the Bays community and I'm sure I'll see everyone on the sidelines again at some point in the future!' Milan Elie, Football Development Officer, East Coast Bays “Milan has been a huge part in the development of junior and youth football at East Coast Bays and has built great relationships with volunteers, parents and players throughout the club. Milan has shown great leadership and care in the Talent Development Program over his time here, going above and beyond to help players develop towards their goals. It’s been a pleasure to work with him directly in leading programs throughout the club. Whilst it's sad to see him move on, I'm pleased that we have coaches opening up great opportunities for themselves through East Coast Bays, with Milan taking his experience here to grow talent development programs across the capital football region. I am looking forward to introducing the new appointments we've made, continuing the great work that Milan has put in to the club.” Joe Hall, Director of Football, East Coast Bays As a board, we would like to thank Milan for his leadership, commitment to the club and leading our Talent Development Programme coaching & communications. Milan will be greatly missed, we wish him all the very best in his new position. We are excited to be welcoming our new football development officers, with announcements to be shared over the coming days. Regards East Coast Bays AFC Board
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