Player Development

Talent Development Programme

East Coast Bays AFC  is apart of a select group of clubs that possess an NZF Accredited Talent Development Programme. 

Players within our Talent Development programme train three nights a week for 1.5-hour sessions. We pride ourselves on having one of the best coaching staff in the country who delivers our own player-centred curriculum. 

The aims of our TDP are to develop the whole person – develop exceptional men and women of future society and the player – develop players of the future game. 

We deliver an annual curriculum to our players which matches up with the school terms and runs for approximately 40 weeks. 

Our TDP teams compete in the highest level of competition provided by NFF. Selection for our TDP teams takes place in term four and players are assessed over a ten-week period.

TERM 4, 2021- 10 weeks.

Monday: 13/14th Grade 4.30-6PM, 15- Future Bays 6.30-8PM, at Ashley Reserve

Tuesday-13/14th Grade 4.30-6PM, 15- Future Bays 6.30-8PM, at Ashley Reserve

Wednesday: 6-7.30PM at Ashley Reserve (ALL Grades)

$300 for the term 4.

Player Development Centre

Player Development Centres are designed to help junior players develop and improve their core skills to enjoy the game and prepare for youth and senior football. These are designed to support player development for all junior players, regardless of their current ability level.

Platform to Develop All: We believe all junior players should have an equal opportunity to access the best coaching and development training; not just the 'top' teams. The more players we can influence and develop to their best potential in the junior space, the stronger our players and club will be. 

Implement Best Practice: As a club, we are prioritising our Player Development Centres to align with our sport's governing bodies. We are investing the best resources into these centres and aim to maximise our professional coaches contact time with as many of our junior players as possible. Players will have access to our most qualified and experienced coaches, quality facilities and equipment (including one ball per child) and optimal coach to player ratios.

Access to Quality Training: Our Player Development Centres provide players with a solid introduction to well-structured and quality training. Our Sessions are split into four key areas – Technical Development, Skill Games, Athlete Development and Game Play. In each instance, our players are placed in high paced and challenging environments. A unique component of our PDCs which sets our program apart from other programs is the incorporation of Athlete Development.

TERM 4, 2021- 10 weeks.

9th- 12th Grade - 4:30 to 5:30pm, at Ashley Reserve

$100 for the term

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