Girls Junior Football (Grades 9 - 13)
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The football playing season starts later for Juniors this year - May 8th, School Term 2 through to the end of School Term 3, end of September

The junior programme is designed to develop our young players into the next stages of the game in a safe and enjoyable football experience. The junior grades focus on improving players technically, helping prepare players for competitive or social youth football and continue to grow a love for the beautiful game!

The Junior Programme

We have a number of girls-only teams in the Juniors grades.  We bring these teams together based on a number of factors - age, size, skill, and most importantly friend groups.  We find the children learn better and have an all-round better experience when they are playing the game with their friends.


Junior team training is delivered through a combination of coach-led team training, specialist skills training and Game Day. This enables players to receive the ideal amount of coaching during the season. 

A key focus for ECBAFC is increasing the number of females playing football, so as part of an initiative to encourage more girls to get involved in the sport, the club is offering a 9 week Junior Girls Skills Development Programme at no cost. This is a fantastic opportunity for our young female footballers to get a taste of the beautiful game and for those wanting more, a great chance to experience high level coaching.

Game Day 

At ECBAFC, we see the game as an extension of our training program. Games are an opportunity for our players to learn the principles of the game and improve decision-making skills. It is in the game day environment where most decision-making opportunities will take place. Junior game days are inter-club, meaning teams will play against a range of other club teams around the North and West of Auckland, both home and away. This allows players to test themselves against a broader range of players and allows the federation to deliver leagues that provide challenging game situations for teams of all abilities. Game Day is Saturday Mornings. 


Junior Girls Term 1 Football Training, 9-14 year old Girls

Starts Friday 12th February


Bay City Park, 54 Andersons Road, Browns Bay

Runs for 9 weeks

Grade convenor

If you have any questions please reach out to your grade convenor.

Girls and Women Convenor- Roger Bridge,

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