Girls Football Fun (Grades 5 - 8)

The football playing season starts later for Juniors this year - May 8th, School Term 2 through to the end of School Term 3, end of September

Our Football Fun programmes are often the first experience with club football. Therefore, we strive to provide a safe, enjoyable football experience for our future stars, providing them with a technical base and inspiring a love for the beautiful game!

The Girls Football Fun programme will run on Friday nights, with an additional optional game day in our mixed program on Saturday mornings. We will be mixing the training and game aspect to fit in with the girl's stage of development.

The season runs from the start of Term 2, through to the end of Term 3. The Friday session will incorporate a skill-building session and also gameplay within the group.  We will also endeavour to have a couple of shared football experiences with other clubs during the season.

Game day
Friday Evenings during Term 2 and Term 3
Bay City Park, under the lights

Grade convenor

If you have any questions please reach out to your grade convenor.

Girls and Women Convenor- Roger Bridge,

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