Boys Youth (Grades 13 - 19)

Our youth programmes are designed to develop our players into passionate and skilled players in an enjoyable football experience. We cater to players who want to train and compete at the highest level and to those who want to play in a social environment. Regardless of the level, all sessions are delivered in a positive environment with an emphasis on development. 

Training and game day 

Teams in our youth space can train anywhere between 1-3 sessions a week. These sessions are delivered by a qualified volunteer coach and are supported by our professional coaching staff through coach education. 

For youth players who wish to progress their game further, we offer the Player Development Centre (link). This is accessible to players of all levels within our youth space.

There will also be a weekly game day. Game days are inter-club, meaning teams will play against a range of other club teams around the North and West of Auckland, both home and away. This allows players to test themselves against a broader range of players and allows the federation to deliver leagues that provide challenging game situations for teams of all abilities.

Grade convenor

If you have any questions please reach out to your grade convenor.

13th Grade - Jeff Honey-

14th Grade- Amanda Steinberg-

15th Grade- Morag Ward-

17th Grade- Leanne Coombe-

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