Boys/ Mixed Juniors (Grades 9 - 12)
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The football playing season starts later for Juniors this year - May 8th, School Term 2 through to the end of School Term 3, end of September

The junior programme is designed to develop our young players into the next stages of the game in a safe and enjoyable football experience. The junior grades focus on improving players technically, helping prepare players for competitive or social youth football and continue to grow a love for the beautiful game!


Junior team training is delivered through a combination of coach-led team training, Player Development Centres and Game Day. This enables players to receive the ideal amount of coaching during the season. For junior grade players, NZ Football recommends 3.5 to 4.5 hours of coached contact time per week.

Team Training (1 hour per week) + Optional Player Development Centres (1-2 hours per week)

Teams are assigned a coach to facilitate team training. Each coach is allocated a field and time for training. As coaches are volunteers, some may not be able to facilitate team training and may prefer for team members to gain coaching via the Player Development Centres.

Game Day

At ECBAFC, we see the game as an extension of our training program. Games are an opportunity for our players to learn the principles of the game and improve decision-making skills. It is in the game day environment where most decision-making opportunities will take place. Junior game days are inter-club, meaning teams will play against a range of other club teams around the North and West of Auckland, both home and away. This allows players to test themselves against a broader range of players and allows the federation to deliver leagues that provide challenging game situations for teams of all abilities.

9th & 10th Grade

The 9th & 10th-grade teams play 7-a-side games (6 outfield players and one goalkeeper) on a field that is approx 1/4 of a full pitch.

Format 7v7 (with GK's)

Field Size Min 45 x 30m - Max 55 x 35m

Goal Size Min 3.8 x 1.9m - Max 4 x 2m

Ball Size 4


11th & 12th Grade

The 11th & 12th-grade teams play 9-a-side games (8 outfield players and one goalkeeper) on a field that is approximately 2/3 of a full pitch.

Format 9v9 (with GK's)

Field Size Min 60 x 45m - Max 70 x 50m

Goal Size Min 4 x 2m - Max 5 x 2m

Ball Size 4

Junior Grade Rules

Retreating Line

When a team's goalkeeper catches/picks up the ball or is taking a goal kick or any player taking a Free Kick, the opposition MUST drop back behind the retreating line. Only after the goalkeeper plays the ball out and one of the goalkeeper's team-mates touches the ball, can the opposition player advance over the retreating line. Coaches are asked to encourage all players to play the ball as quickly as possible from the goalkeeper and not allow them to continue to roll or come to a stop.


The offside rule is applied in junior football. For 9th & 10th Grade Football, the offside law will be applied between the retreating line and goal line only. For 11th & 12th Grade Football, offside cannot be given if the player is in their own half of the field of play. A player is in an offside position if they are nearer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (at the point the ball is passed to them).

For more information on junior football programme in New Zealand, please visit the NZ Football website


There are events throughout the year for our teams such as inter-club tournaments and festivals at junior levels. 

Grade Convenor

If you have any questions please reach out to your grade convenor.

9th Grade - Peter Black,

10th Grade - Peter Black,

11th Grade - Brandon Hanekom,

12th Grade - Debbie Lowe,

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